Island Time Cruise Excursions (Meet Chip and Courtney)

Hello I’m Chip Ridgely from Go with the Flow Enterprises and Castaway Bay Island Cruise Excursions,I’ve grown up in Maryland and our family has always vacationed in OC, even my Wife and her family always vacationed here, so we consider OC our 2nd home. Now that we have our own family and as  a Dad to 3 daughters who basically grew up here we know what it’s like spending a week in OC during the Hot Summer Months and standing on the Beach each day (Roasting) with your family and hundreds of other families also on Vacation…If you are anything like me….I can only do the Beach for a few days before I need a different view, so years ago I would contact my Friend Jimmy Parrott and have him pick me up on his boat and we would spend hours upon hours cruising the Bay while listening to our favorite tunes…Eventually my Wife and kids were on the boat and enjoying a completely different view and experience that most OC fans never get to experience…We would spend the day cruising the Waters of OC and Assateaque Bays where the water is much warmer than the Atlantic Ocean and much calmer, but then our girls were very young and the shallow warm water was perfect for them to play in, ocassionally we would spot theWild Ponies on the Island while meandering down the coast, on occasions we would anchor on the island beach or a sandbar and disembark and adventure around….Since those early days… we enjoy spending time during the winter months in the Caribbean enjoying an entirely different culture on the water, we have experienced many different Boating excursions around most of the Caribbean Islands over the past 24 years and have always thought that OC Vacationers should be able to experience a little of the Caribbean without the travel expense to the Caribbean….So we invite you to jump aboard the Island Hopper for a day on the water relaxing and listening to the Island Vibes….. Caribbean Style!!!!